Get out of Jail!!! Now!!! We are the best in Conroe Bail Bonds with our AAAA Discounted Bonds! FREE! FREE! FREE! Free 3 ways - Free Warrant Checks Free Jail Info! Available 24 hours, fastest bonding, friendliest service, most courteous bondsmen! Payment plans & Notary Public available.  One Phone Call is ALL it Takes! AAAA Betterway Bail Bonds Phone: (936)494-4444 Fax: (936)494-2397 We are your #1 source for conroe bail bonds! If you are arrested for a crime, the judge will usually set what is called "bail." Bail is sometimes set, per a schedule, immediately after you are booked for a crime. For more serious crimes, bail may not be set until your arraignment, which is the court date where the charges are read against you and you enter your plea. Bail is the amount of money you are required to pay in order to be able to leave jail during the period between your arraignment and trial. In some cases the judge may deny you any bail, meaning that you will have to stay in jail to await your criminal trial. For example, individuals who commit particularly reprehensible crimes or who are considered to be a high flight risk may be denied bail. In most situations, you are not required to pay the full bail amount, but are instead allowed to post a portion of it, as a "bond." The bond is your promise that you will show up for all required court appearances. There are many different ways in which bond can be posted. The following is a primer on some of those ways. A Note About Bail Agents   Cash Bonds Federal Bonds Immigration Bonds Property Bonds Surety Bonds     Designed & Hosted by Alpati Web Services Copyright 2011 AAAA Betterway Bail Bonds (936)494-4444
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